TSC cyber security training and awareness subscriptions

Our monthly and quarterly subscriptions offer organisations with small or time poor internal communications and cyber teams a budget friendly solution that will help raise cyber security awareness, improve knowledge and skills and build better long-term security behaviours.
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TSC subscription options

Monthly and quarterly subscriptions

If you're looking for a consistent and engaging calendar of cyber security awareness materials and internal communications, then our Raise cyber security awareness subscription is for you.

Packed with engaging awareness materials, the Raise cyber security awareness subscription is perfect for organisations looking to increase their employees awareness of cyber security threats. 

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Monthly subscription

Raise cyber security awareness

Our Raise cyber security awareness subscription, is a 12-month subscription and provides organisations with an engaging awareness material every single month. To take the time and stress out of cyber security training, we have created a 12 month calendar and each month's deliverable will cover a common cyber security threat or topic. 

Deliverables include:

  • Security checklists
  • Static infographics
  • Top tips 
  • Information leaflets 


  • £3,600 per year
  • By subscribing to the 12-month program, your organisation is saving £1,800 by not buying each deliverable separately!

Raise cyber security awareness subscription

Benefits and deliverables


  • Cost effective (Save £1,800 by not buying separately!)
  • Cyber awareness topics planned in advance and delivered monthly
  • Supports smaller teams and time sensitive workplaces
  • High quality, time tested materials
  • Plan employee training in advance


  • One awareness deliverable per month (12 deliverables total)
  • Each deliverable will include your organisations logo 
  • Pre-defined calendar of topics
  • Checklists, Top tips, Static infographics, Leaflets
  • Files provided as PDFs emailed to designated contact each month

Frequently asked questions

Can these materials be bought separately?

Yes. Just get in touch via our contact us page for a full list of available raise awareness materials. 

Are these items customisable?

Yes, all deliverables included in our Raise cyber security awareness subscription comes with your company logo to help employee engagement. 

Is there a demo available?

Yes, if you would like a demo of this or any of our other products & services, just get in touch via the contact us page and one of the TSC team will be in touch.

How are the monthly deliverables sent?

All files are provided in PDF format and sent via email to a designated contact each month. 

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