TSC cyber security training and awareness subscriptions

This "Build your own" quarterly subscription offers organisations with small or time poor internal communications and cyber teams a budget friendly solution that will help raise cyber security awareness, improve knowledge and skills and build better long-term security behaviours.
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"Build your own" quarterly subscription

If you're looking for a consistent and engaging calendar of cyber security awareness materials and internal communications, then our Develop knowledge and skills subscription is for you.

Every quarter you will receive a selection of engaging awareness materials that will strengthen your organisation's cyber security through employee education. 

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Quarterly subscription

Develop knowledge and skills subscription

Our Develop knowledge and skills subscription provides organisations with a selection of materials every quarter. Taking the time and stress out of cyber security training. 

Deliverables include:

  • eLearning courses
  • Team activities 
  • Interactive games  
  • Animated infographics

Raise cyber security awareness subscription

Benefits and deliverables


  • Cost effective
  • Topics planned in advance and delivered quarterly
  • Supports smaller teams and time sensitive workplaces
  • High quality, time-tested materials
  • Plan employee training in advance


  • Two deliverables per quarter (8 deliverables total)
  • Each deliverable will include your organisation's logo 
  • Pre-defined calendar of topics

Topics and deliverables

How do I protect personal and company information?
  • How do I protect personal and company information 10 minute eLearning
  • Data Privacy animated infographic
  • Data Privacy animated gif
  • Safety Net online game
  • Data loss prevention team activity
  • Lax Data Protection animation
How do I identify risks and threats?
  • How do I identify risks and threats 10-minute eLearning
  • Phishing animated infographic
  • Business email compromise interactive team activity
  • Lax phishing animation
  • Dangerous differences online game
  • Halt the Hijack
  • Ransomware resistance online game
  • Ransomware interactive team activity 
  • Ransomware animated infographic - 2 min (NEW - available from May 2023)
How do I work securely wherever I am?
  • How do I work securely wherever I am 10 minute eLearning
  • Hybrid working animated infographic (Emerging threats)
  • Internet of things animated infographic
  • Lax out and about animation
  • Safe flight online game
  • Spot the risks – WFH online game
  • Spot the risks – multiple location online game
  • Spot the risks – travel
Work securely online
  • How do I work securely online 10-minute eLearning
  • Social media harvesting online game
  • Account hijacking animated gif
  • Safe use of the cloud animated gif
  • Social media animated infographic - 2 min (NEW - available August 2023)
How do I recognise and report security incidents?
  • How do I recognise and report security incidents 10 minute eLearning
  • Recognise and reporting animated gif
  • Reporting security incidents Lax animation
  • Incident reporting game (NEW - available June 2023)
How do I manage passwords?
  • How do I manage passwords online 5 minute eLearning
  • Authentication hacks animated gif
  • Authentication hacks online game (None shall pass(word))
  • Password Panther animated gif
  • Password Panther online game
  • Passwords interactive team activity
How do I keep our premises secure?
  • How do I keep our premises secure 5 minute eLearning
  • Lax tailgating animation
  • Lax clear desk clear screen animation
  • Physical security animated gif
  • How secure is your workstation online game
Five Golden Rules
  • Five Golden rules eLearning
  • Five Golden rules animated infographic

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