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Enable effective behaviour change

Annual compliance training is one thing … it's another thing entirely to facilitate behaviour change. Consistent use of new skills and knowledge requires continual reinforcement, leading by example and lots of patience.

TSC can support your behaviour change programme by providing:

  • Competency frameworks 
  • Champion programmes
  • Manager masterclasses
  • Interactive team activities
  • Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR)

Define first and then support

To ensure secure behaviours are embedded across your workforce managers play a crucial role in defining, modelling and encouraging the expected behaviour, a competency framework is central to this process.

Competency framework

Competency frameworks can be used to ensure all awareness raising campaigns cover the essential knowledge requirements for identified risk areas. They detail underpinning skills requirements to be incorporated into induction or ongoing training and development interventions.

Competency frameworks also specify the expected behaviours for all employees and how these can be monitored, measured and reviewed.

Competency frameworks can be developed for all risk areas and differentiated in relation to role and seniority.

They are an essential tool that supports an integrated and systemic approach to enabling effective behaviour change.

Security champions

Create secure behaviours as a norm in the workplace

To normalise secure working behaviours in your organisation requires commitment and consistent modelling and reinforcement.

Having a network of information and cyber security champions can play a central role in your progress toward sustained behaviour change and a secure culture.

TSC can support your champion network by providing

  • Champion webinars
  • Champions toolkits, with resources such as:
    • Facilitators guide to interactive team activities
    • Topic based games
    • Infographics
    • Animations
    • Articles
    • Research reports
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How we work with you

Keeping an organisation secure is every employee’s responsibility

After identifying gaps in security knowledge and behaviour using our Security Awareness and Behaviour Research tool, we can create a competency framework for each area of risk. We can assist in identifying the most effective communication and training channels. This may be through interactive team activities that include games and physical challenges, or through champion programmes that promote a competitive but strong security culture.

Transforming security behaviours for over 20 years

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