Protecting and Securing Health and Care Data

🩺🏥 Responsibility for protecting personal health and care data sits with all employees, every day, and at all levels of every organisation that handles this type of data. Our resources cover the data sharing and protection compliance standards your organisation must meet. 🔒
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Health and care data is collected and held in multiple locations, and handled, stored and shared in numerous ways, from cloud-based systems to attachments sent from mobile devices.

These factors, combined with varied and new ways of working, including the use of AI, makes data increasingly vulnerable to loss.

Here to help

Ensuring all employees know how to protect data at every stage of its lifecycle is critical for data security and protection.

As part of the requirement on all organisations that handle health and care data to undertake an annual self-assessment using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT), we have a range of resources to support you.


Dynamic materials

To enable you to evidence that all staff have ‘appropriate understanding of information governance and cyber security’, we have compiled a suite of dynamic and engaging materials that will enable your employees to protect data all day, every day.

Consistent messaging

These resources can be deployed whenever you want throughout the year, and will achieve consistent and quality data security messaging, using visually engaging materials.

Relatable examples

These materials are all about health and care data, using relevant examples from real life situations.

Our resources cover compliance standards

  • People 1: Secure data handling and the importance of reporting breaches (process 5 and 6)
  • People 2: Personal accountability for data breaches
  • People 3: Annual training – by providing complimentary resources to reinforce learning throughout the year

The Data Sharing and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is regularly updated and, in version 6, currently requires all staff to have 'appropriate understanding of information governance and cyber security.'

Buy 3 items (Game, Animation or Suite of 12 Infographics) and get a Health and Care eLearning course worth £1500 for FREE!

Health 1

Suite of short video animations

Animation 1. The GDPR and Caldicott principles

An engaging 2-minute animated video covering:

  • The GDPR principles
  • Data types
  • Caldicott principles
  • What to do in the event of a breach

Price: £950 each or buy all four animations for £2500 + VAT

Health 2

Animation 2. Data protection - know the essentials

A lively 2-minute animated video explaining:

  • Different types of data and how to protect it at all stages of the lifecycle.

Price: £950 each or buy all four animations for £2500 + VAT

Health 3

Animation 3. Physical security

A dynamic 2-minute animated video explaining:

  • Keeping devices secure wherever you are working
  • Risks of shoulder surfing
  • Importance of multi-factor authentication

Price: £950 each or buy all four animations for £2500 + VAT

Health 4

Animation 4. Safe use of social media

An engaging 2-minute animated video explaining:

  • Rise in use of social media
  • How cybercriminals use social media to deploy an attack
  • How to stay social media savvy

Price: £950 each or buy all four animations for £2500 + VAT

Game 1

A suite of four games

Game 1. Safety net game

This game provides a race against time to deploy a protective ‘cyber mesh’ to stop classified data leaking out.

Price: £950 each or buy all four games for £2500 + VAT

Game 2

Game 2. Cybermaze

This is a single player or multiplayer game with five challenges. Test your skills about social media, password strength, common cyber attacks and typosquatting, all against the clock.

Price: £950 each or buy all four games for £2500 + VAT

Game 3

Game 3. Don’t Take the Bait

This game tests players ability to spot and report different types of phishing emails.

Price: £950 each or buy all four games for £2500 + VAT

Game 4

Game 4. Cross the GDPRiver

This challenge is testing players knowledge of the GDPR principles. Could you get safely across the GDPRiver?

Price: £950 each or buy all four games for £2500 + VAT

12 infographics covering the 10 learning outcomes required within People standards 1, 2 and 3 of the DSPT

Suite of 12 infographics

One-page infographics using easily understandable language and simple graphical elements to provide learners with practical tips for keeping information safe.

These can be distributed digitally or printed and displayed on notice boards.

Each infographic will cover one of the following topics:

  • Data security in health and care
  • The value of information
  • Social engineering
  • Using social media safely
  • Using email safely
  • Malicious software
  • Data loss
  • Physical security
  • Report to protect
  • The GDPR fundamentals
  • The Caldicott principles
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000

Price: 12 for £1000 + VAT

  • Help your employees protect data all day, every day – contact TSC today to learn more about our health and care data suite of resources.

Individual product prices start from £100 up to £950.

Want the whole campaign? We also have multi-buy discounts available:


Full bundle £5000 or separately:
  • 4 animated videos £2500
  • 4 games £2500
  • 12 infographics £1000
Mini bundle £3700 or separately:
  • 2 animated videos £1900
  • 2 games £1900
  • 12 infographics £1000
  • Animated video £950
  • Game £950
  • Infographic £100

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