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Cyber Awareness Training for Employees

Consistent and well-planned communication campaigns will increase the level of security awareness across your workforce. TSC’s communication campaign services include informative articles, eye catching posters, engaging intranet resources, visually dynamic banners and content rich leaflets.
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Delivering Effective Cyber Awareness Training for Over 20 Years

Whether you're seeking to establish or enhance your security awareness training campaign, we provide an extensive range of digital and physical materials tailored to your needs. From standard, non-customised resources to fully tailored, bespoke options, we can cater to your specific awareness goals. We're committed to providing solutions that align perfectly with your cyber awareness training needs, ensuring your workforce is educated and actively engaged.

Cyber Awareness Training Services

  • Blogs / articles
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Leaflets
  • Social posts
  • Cyber security newsfeed
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How we work with you

Identifying Communication Strategies for Employee Awareness Training

Our approach focuses on identifying the most suitable communication channels to deliver key security awareness messages to your team. We consider various factors that influence the success of these campaigns, including workforce demographics, workplace setup, remote working conditions and the specific needs of IT and non-IT-enabled employees. By collaborating closely with you, we create a communication campaign that effectively reaches and engages every member, ensuring the success of your employee security awareness training.

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TSC products cover key information risks and cyber threats

Awareness Security Topics Covered Include:

  • Data privacy and protection
  • Phishing/Spear Phishing
  • Hybrid working 
  • Threat evolution
  • Remote working
  • GDPR
  • Digital footprint
  • Password security
  • Information handling
  • Data classification
  • Security in the supply chain
  • Third party risk management
  • Physical premises security
  • Reporting incidents
  • Account hijacking
  • Remote access
  • Social media security
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Make the Most of Your Security Awareness Training With TSC

Consistent Awareness Training

​​Consistency is crucial for successful learning and retention within your workforce. Our awareness subscriptions offer monthly and annual options, delivering steady, customised content most relevant to your organisation. Engaging in regular training sessions helps embed cybersecurity principles deeply within your team's daily practices.

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Measure Your Organisation’s Security Maturity

Our Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) tool measures your workforce's awareness and knowledge across five key dimensions. By identifying areas where security behaviours need improvement, SABR enables you to tailor your awareness training more precisely, creating a cyber-aware culture amongst your workforce.

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Role-Based Training

Adapting your cyber awareness training to meet the distinct challenges of different roles ensures that every team member receives relevant, impactful education. We design role-specific modules to deeply resonate with employees, enabling a better understanding and practical application of security practices in their daily tasks.

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Interactive Learning Methods 

To keep awareness training engaging, we utilise interactive and diverse learning methods. TSC incorporates simulations, quizzes, and gamification to transform your training experience from a tiresome task to an engaging learning journey.

Why Work With TSC?

Decades of Experience - With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in transforming security behaviours and adapting to the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Focus on Quality - We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality employee security awareness training, ensuring effective and impactful learning.

A Creative Approach - Our training programmes are designed to be as engaging and creative as they are educational.

Flexible Solutions - Understanding your unique needs, we offer customisable materials that provide the flexibility your organisation requires.

At TSC, we seamlessly integrate with your security awareness team, bringing experience from our work with the world's leading organisations.

Transforming security behaviours for over 20 years

Quality, creativity, and flexibility are the top three reasons clients choose TSC. 

We work as an extension of your security awareness team and have worked with the world's largest and most successful organisations.

You’re in good company

There’s a reason companies trust us

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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