Developing cyber security maturity

Build a resilient security culture

By assessing the current levels of awareness and security knowledge across your workforce, as well as engagement with security and perceptions of risk, TSC can deliver an in-depth analytical report of your security maturity.
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Fortify your cyber security by enhancing your security culture

Organisations have been working with us for over 20 years to establish cyber security baselines and implement a plan to further develop their security maturity. TSC can help pinpoint unsecure behaviours and deploy effective products to support and develop your workforce.

Services include:

  • SABR (Security Awareness and Behaviour Research) 
  • Board engagement 
  • 3-year strategy
  • Communications strategy
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Looking to measure your organisation's security maturity?

TSC's SABR tool

Our Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) is a security behaviour diagnostic tool that has enabled organisations to improve their security maturity for over 20 years.

This dynamic tool can:

  • Assess the levels of awareness and knowledge of your workforce across five dimensions
  • Analyse the behaviours of employees in these five dimensions
  • Provide an in-depth analytical report of your organisation’s security maturity

By pinpointing unsecure behaviours, establishing a security behaviour baseline, and targeting areas of risk, TSC’s SABR assessment can provide data that will enable you to develop the security culture within your organisation.

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How does SABR work?

You will have a wealth of quantitative data on your organisation’s security culture and maturity.

To compliment this the tool uses 80 questions, to determine security maturity, across five dimensions:

  • Security engagement
  • Authentication
  • Data privacy and information handling
  • Physical security
  • Organisational culture

Enhance your cyber security strategy with SABR

A completed SABR assessment will provide detailed insights into your cyber security culture, whilst also making recommendations for your security awareness strategy moving forward. This is crucial information that will lead to the development of impactful training and awareness campaigns for your employees.

SABR is a fantastic start to any culture change program, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone exercise.

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A long-term solution to cyber security risks and threats

Developing a strong security culture is vital

We are passionate about developing a strong security culture in every organisation we work with. Behaviour change projects have a greater chance of success if you receive board engagement. This is why our board engagement strategies are key in getting approval for surveys of your organisation’s security maturity. We contextualise cyber risks with language that board-level executives can understand in order to get backing and support. The goal, is to provide all of our clients with a long-term strategy to sustain and grow their security culture.

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Champions of developing secure cyber security cultures

People must be encouraged to change their behaviour and attitudes towards information and cyber security. ​By providing a diverse range of learning and engagement materials with a long-term strategy aimed at company-wide security gaps, you not only reduce risk but protect organisational reputation and information assets. Cyber security awareness is an ongoing process that needs refreshed content and focus on emerging cyber threats.

Transforming human security behaviours for over 20 years

Quality, creativity, and flexibility are the top three reasons clients choose TSC. We work as an extension of your security awareness team and have worked with the world's largest and most successful organisations.

Results from our most recent client satisfaction survey speak for themselves:


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