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All it takes is one weak password, one unlocked screen, one lapse in concentration and the data you hold and have been trusted with is in the hands of opportunistic cyber criminals. 

The ramifications of data falling into the wrong hands are severe. From large fines to irreparable brand damage. A data breach, depending on the severity can be hard to recover from. 

Our comprehensive range of market leading data protection products empowers your employees and your organisation to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing your valuable assets are shielded from prying eyes.

What's covered in our data protection training?

Our suite of data protection products and services covers all of the key aspects of data protection and GDPR, from the principles of data protection, how to correctly identify personal and special category information to how and why you should report a breach. 

All of the products are also available for customisation. Meaning you can tailor it to match your organisations branding and data protection processes. We can also translate the content into over 15 languages, so whether you need Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian, we have you covered.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the core principles of the GDPR and Data Protection
  • How to classify and handle data (sharing, storing, using and disposing)
  • What you can and can’t do with data
  • How long you can keep data
  • What information to provide in a data access request
  • What to do in the event of a data breach
Data Protection Gallery

Data protection training products

Products available

We combine engaging content with subject matter expertise and behaviour change principles to create training and awareness products that inspire and educate employees:

  • eLearning courses
  • Animations
  • GIFs
  • Interactive games
  • Interactive team activities
  • Decision trees
  • Data classification wheel
Placeholder GDPR

What resources can I choose from?

Our training and awareness resources take advantage of multiple communication channels to engage employees with different learning styles: 

  • eLearning (How do I protect data?, Data privacy and protection, GDPR, GDPR refresher, Is it a breach or a near miss?)
  • Animated infographics (Data Protection, Data Retention, GDPR, Purpose limitation, Data minimisation, Breach reporting)
  • Interactive games (Hi-Lo Classification, Safety Net)
  • Animations (Protecting data on the move, Data classifications)
  • GIFs (Data Lifecycle, Let's protect our data all day every day)
  • Interactive team activities (Data loss prevention)
  • Decision trees (Classification decision , Data protection by design , Data protection decision)
  • Pinwheel (Data classification)
GDPR final

Our GDPR offerings

GDPR eLearning

What you get with our customisable GDPR eLearning:

  • 15-minutes long
  • Supplemented with 10 assessment questions
  • Full feedback for informed individual learning and development
  • Add your logo/colours or apply full branding, with minor content amends 
  • SCORM files provided for your LMS

With our customisable GDPR eLearning, your employees will:

  • Understand the principles and rights included in GDPR and the DPA 
  • Understand why GDPR changes the way we manage information
  • Be able to identify personal and special category information
  • Be able to act securely when handling information
  • Know how and why to report a breach or the potential for a breach
Refresher Final

GDPR refresher

Additionally, we know how vital time management can be for employees so we have developed a GDPR refresher eLearning module, which asks users to answer questions up front. If the user answers the questions correctly, they will have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding and will not be required to complete the rest of the eLearning module, thus saving you, your employees and your organisation valuable time.

Benefits of GDPR refresher eLearning module:

  • Front loaded questions to save employees already up to speed time
  • Shorter module to reduce cognitive fatigue

What our clients say...

What you need to know

Are the training and awareness materials available in different languages?

Absolutely! Whether you need Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian, we have you covered.

Is the content customisable?

Yes. All materials come with the addition of your company logo as standard. If you require additional customisation, we can amend the content to be in line with your companies tone of voice, brand and policies. 

Can I see some examples of the materials?

Yes. You can book a live demo with a member of the team here. Or, why not give us a call on +44 (0)1234 708 456

Can I buy items individually?

Yes. We have put together a library of more than 45 eLearning modules, games, infographics, top tip leaflets and more for you to choose from.

Can you help me with data protection compliance?

Yes! We help you navigate the complex landscape of data protection regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant and avoids costly penalties.

Do you cover GDPR?

Yes, we offer an extensive library of GDPR materials that includes eLearning, games, leaflets, posters, GIFs, social media posts and more. Book a demo with our team to find out more!

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