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GDPR & Data Protection Training for Employees

Enhance Your GDPR Training for Employees

If your employees handle sensitive information, they must undergo frequent comprehensive GDPR and Data Protection training. This training is essential not just for fulfilling legal obligations but for safeguarding your business against data breaches and ensuring the confidentiality of consumer information.

GDPR and data protection training equip employees with the understanding and skills to handle data responsibly. It ensures they grasp the latest regulations and know how to apply best practices in real-world scenarios. This training protects your organisation from fines and legal issues while preserving your reputation by showing customers your commitment to protecting their data.

Our market-leading data protection training empowers your organisation and employees to confidently navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your valuable assets remain secure from prying eyes.

What's Covered in Our Data Protection Training for Employees?

Our data protection training addresses all crucial elements of GDPR and data protection. Including an in-depth understanding of data protection principles, the correct identification of "personal" and "special" category data, and comprehensive guidelines on breach reporting.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on the adaptability of our training resources. Each material is customisable, ensuring seamless integration with your organisation's unique branding and data protection procedures. Our capability to translate content into more than 15 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian, caters to all diverse needs.

At TSC, our training modules also focus on fostering a culture of data protection awareness within your organisation. We emphasise practical, everyday applications of GDPR principles, ensuring that your team understands the theory and can apply it effectively in their daily tasks.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the core principles of the GDPR and Data Protection
  • How to classify and handle data (sharing, storing, using and disposing)
  • What you can and can’t do with data
  • How long you can keep data
  • What information to provide in a data access request
  • What to do in the event of a data breach
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GDPR & Data Protection Training Materials

Training Materials

At TSC, we skilfully blend engaging content, expert knowledge, and behaviour change principles, resulting in training materials that inspire and educate employees, empowering them with essential GDPR knowledge, including: 

  • eLearning courses
  • Animations
  • GIFs
  • Interactive games
  • Interactive team activities
  • Decision trees
  • Data classification wheel
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GDPR & Data Protection Resources

Our training and awareness resources take advantage of multiple communication channels to engage employees with different learning styles:

  • eLearning (How do I protect data?, Data privacy and protection, GDPR, GDPR refresher, Is it a breach or a near miss?)
  • Animated infographics (Data Protection, Data Retention, GDPR, Purpose limitation, Data minimisation, Breach reporting)
  • Interactive games (Hi-Lo Classification, Safety Net)
  • Animations (Protecting data on the move, Data classifications)
  • GIFs (Data Lifecycle, Let's protect our data all day every day)
  • Interactive team activities (Data loss prevention)
  • Decision trees (Classification decision , Data protection by design , Data protection decision)
  • Pinwheel (Data classification)
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Our GDPR offerings

Tailored GDPR E-Learning

Our GDPR e-learning enriches your team's understanding through:

  • Compact 15-minute training modules designed for maximum impact in minimal time.

  • Integration of 10 assessment questions to challenge and confirm comprehension.

  • Extensive feedback empowering individual learning and development.

  • Customisable materials to allow the addition of your logo, colours or branding adjustments.

  • SCORM file provision, enabling seamless integration with your Learning Management System.

By engaging with our GDPR e-learning, employees will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the principles and rights included in GDPR and the DPA.

  • Understand the significant changes GDPR brings to the way we manage information.

  • Learn to identify personal and special category information with precision.

  • Develop the ability to manage information securely and confidently.

  • Acquire the knowledge to effectively report a breach or potential breach, enhancing organisational safety.

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GDPR Refresher Training

At The Security Company, we understand the importance of time-efficient training. That’s why we designed our GDPR refresher eLearning module to assess the existing knowledge of your employees. By incorporating upfront questions, this module efficiently identifies those already well-versed in GDPR principles and allows them to skip the remaining content. This approach saves time whilst ensuring that GDPR training is targeted and meaningful.

Benefits of GDPR refresher eLearning module:

    • Quickly identifies employees with strong GDPR knowledge, allowing them to skip unnecessary content.

    • Offers a shorter, more focused learning experience, reducing cognitive fatigue.

    • Refreshes essential GDPR principles for all employees, ensuring continued compliance and understanding.

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Make the Most of Your GDPR and Data Protection Training with TSC

Consistent GDPR and Data Protection Training

Regular and consistent training is key to embedding GDPR and data protection principles in your workforce. TSC's awareness subscriptions offer monthly and annual options, providing continual, customised content.

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Assessing Security Maturity with SABR

TSC's Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) tool expertly assesses your team's cybersecurity awareness and knowledge. By pinpointing areas needing improvement, SABR enables precise tailoring of your security training.

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Engaging Training Materials

TSC employs interactive and diverse methods to keep GDPR training engaging. Our approach includes simulations, quizzes, and gamification, transforming conventional data protection training into an immersive and enjoyable experience.

What you need to know

What is GDPR & Data Protection Training?

This training educates employees on GDPR compliance, data rights, and strategies to prevent data breaches, enhancing organisational data security.

Are the training and awareness materials available in different languages?

Absolutely! Whether you need Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian, we have you covered.

Is the content customisable?

Yes. All materials come with the addition of your company logo as standard. If you require additional customisation, we can amend the content to be in line with your companies tone of voice, brand and policies. 

Can I see some examples of the materials?

Yes. You can book a live demo with a member of the team here. Or, why not give us a call on +44 (0)1234 708 456

Can I buy items individually?

Yes. We have put together a library of more than 45 eLearning modules, games, infographics, top tip leaflets and more for you to choose from.

Can you help me with data protection compliance?

Yes! We help you navigate the complex landscape of data protection regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant and avoids costly penalties.

Do you cover GDPR?

Yes, we offer an extensive library of GDPR materials that includes eLearning, games, leaflets, posters, GIFs, social media posts and more. Book a demo with our team to find out more!

Why is GDPR & Data Protection Training Important?

GDPR & Data Protection Training are vital to prevent data breaches and ensure legal compliance, boosting client trust in your organisation's data handling.

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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