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Kick-start your behaviour change programme by raising awareness of information and cyber security risks and threats.
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Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR)

Do you want to know what your cultural security maturity is?

Our Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) will give you the answers.

Using the SABR online survey, will assess the current levels of awareness and security knowledge across your workforce. We will also examine engagement with security and perceptions of risk. This will be analysed across five dimensions, before providing an in-depth analytical report of your security maturity.

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Raise awareness

Raising security awareness can be done both physically and digitally. By efficiently delivering information on risks and threats, you can increase employee’s understanding of the need for change.

  • Blogs / articles
  • Posters
  • Intranet resources
  • Animated banners
  • Leaflets
Knowledge skills development nav
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Knowledge & skills development

If you are building a cyber security programme or simply recharging employee knowledge, we have training, games and collaborative opportunities for training and development.

  • eLearning
  • Games
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Animated infographics
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Behaviour change

Calling on decades of experience in behaviour change, TSC will outline how you can enable security behaviours across your workforce and create effective company-wide behaviour change.

  • Competency frameworks
  • Champion programmes
  • Manager masterclasses
  • Interactive team activities
Cultural security nav
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Developing cultural security

Creating a mature security culture is an ongoing promise to support and innovate in order to defend against emerging information and cyber threats. We believe this promise should come from the highest levels.

  • Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR)
  • Engaging the board
  • 3-year strategy
  • Communications strategy
Security champions

We empower employees to become your security champions

We’ve been delivering behavioural change and security awareness programmes for the world’s biggest and brightest companies since 1997. Our non-customised, customised, and bespoke solutions raise employee security awareness at work and at home, inspiring behavioural changes that protect organisations from unintentional human error.

Why companies choose us

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TSC is a dedicated and professional team of collaborators and subject matter experts. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and become an extension of your security awareness team.
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Agility and flexibility

We quickly adapt and respond to change without losing sight of our vision or momentum.
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We develop bold, strategic, and creative solutions in collaboration with our clients, combining our respective expertise, because we believe that this produces the best results.

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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