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Tony Edmeades

Operations Director

"Having responsibility for ensuring that the business has the best working environment and processes is a challenge I relish."

My Role at TSC

As Operations Director, I find myself at the heart of TSC's backend duties and responsibilities. On a daily basis, I assist in the prompt delivery of products, as well as supporting our Project Managers in delivering for our clients. I am never happier than when assessing new systems and work flows to ensure team efficiency and a cohesive approach to the services we provide.

Why I love working at TSC

At TSC, no two days are the same and this leads to a refreshing and rewarding day every single time. You can be working with two clients in the same sector/industry, with the same security goals but the projects will be vastly different and delivered uniquely. Cybersecurity awareness is far more varied and creative than some are led to believe. 

What I want to change in cybersecurity awareness

I really want to reconfigure the way cybersecurity training and awareness is approached by companies. Companies are eager to implement health and safety regulations and follow them to the letter, but the same focus and impetus is not shown to cybersecurity and threat awareness. I want to put cybersecurity on the same level footing as other internal priorities for companies and make security awareness a priority for all.

My security tip:

Don’t try and remember all your passwords. Use a secure password manager to take the stress out of passwords and make strong master passwords!

Get to know me (my favourite books, shows and films)

Book: Millennium Trilogy (Stieg Larsson) 

TV show: True Romance (1993)

Film: Dopesick (2021)

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

Outside of work I’m a bit of a fitness freak. I'm a regular at the gym, a fan of bouldering and any fitness related activity I can find time for. I am a also big consumer of podcasts and social media.

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