• 30 November 2018
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TSC to feature on ITV's Tonight show

The Security Company (TSC) will feature in the next episode of ITV’s Tonight show to help promote safe online shopping ahead of Christmas. The show,...

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The Security Company (TSC) will feature in the next episode of ITV’s Tonight show to help promote safe online shopping ahead of Christmas.The show, presented by Adam Shaw, will focus on the risks of online shopping, the increase in fraud at this time of year, and how to keep your money and information safe.The TSC team will attempt to scam six unsuspecting members of the public to highlight how the information we give away to sources we trust implicitly can be used against us.

Aisling Green, Marketing Manager at TSC, said:
“We have six members of the public coming in to participate in what they think are some innocent digital shopping tasks in the run-up to Christmas.“However, we will be locked in the next room, phishing, smishing and even vishing them to find out how many will readily give over their sensitive data.” ""

Christmas is the ideal time of year for cybercriminals. Their scams blend in with all the genuine festive deals, making them more successful.

Ben Murray, Head of Technology at TSC, said:
“The effect of excitement and stress at Christmas, and the implicit trust in brands, could lead to a much higher success rate than other times of year.“Indeed, it could be much higher than we would normally see with generic campaigns. It really drives home the need for increased awareness and vigilance at this time of year.”""

TSC was approached by Tonight as experts in security awareness and to help make cybersecurity more accessible to the general public.

After filming the episode, Martin Smith MBE, Chairman and Founder of TSC, said:
“It was both a pleasure and a privilege for us to work with ITV and the team from the Tonight programme on such an important topic. “The ease with which we were able to lure the participants into the traps we set, and their obvious shock and discomfort at their own vulnerability when it was revealed, proved once again how dangerous online scams are.“Our efforts to educate the public at home and at work against such attacks must never be relaxed.”""

The episode, titled Christmas Buyers Beware: Tonight, will air on ITV on 6 December at 7.30pm and can be followed live online @ITVTonight #ITVTonight 

Christmas shoppers beware

Victims of cybercrime in the UK spend an average 14.8 hours dealing with the aftermath of fraud.In 2017, 61% of victims of identity theft were 30 to 59 years old, and over 1 million victims were children.Credit cards were used in 92% of fraudulent transactions last year, and the almost 43,000 online shopping fraud incidents resulted in losses of £58m.

About TSC

The Security Company (International) Limited are experts in security awareness and behavioural change.Established in 1997, TSC has become the industry provider for addressing employee attitudes and behaviours surrounding security.The company produces campaigns for the world’s biggest and brightest companies to boost employees’ security awareness at work and home and inspire changes in behaviour.

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