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  • 23 May 2024
  • 4 min read

Transforming Security Behaviours with TSC, security awareness experts for over 25 years

At The Security Company, we have dedicated the past 25 years to improving security behaviours and postures for organisations globally through targeted and bespoke awareness and training campaigns.
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Our expertise in delivering custom cyber security training and behavioural change programs has proven instrumental in protecting some of the world's largest enterprises.

The TSC method: more than just training

Effective cyber security goes beyond traditional training and should not be confined to one moment or one time-sensitive campaign. It's about influencing behaviour and embedding a culture of security within your organisation on a consistent basis. Our tailored programs address specific vulnerabilities and challenges for the client we are working with, ensuring that your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to defend against specific potential threats facing your industry, your employees, and your data.

Why partner with TSC?

  • Tailored solutions: Every organisation is unique, and so are its security needs. We believe in a personalised approach, crafting programs that align with your specific requirements and objectives. We achieve this by working closely and collaboratively with the client to identify unsecure human behaviours, gaps in the security architecture and the unique threats and risks you face in order to build relevant impactful materials for you.
  • Proven results: Our record of accomplishment speaks volumes. We have successfully trained tens of thousands of employees across hundreds of organisations, contributing to the prevention of thousands of security breaches. Take a look at some of our case studies and testimonials here.
  • Ongoing support: Security is not a one-time effort. We provide continuous support and guidance to keep your team vigilant and prepared against emerging threats. We analyse the cyber threat landscape and keep our clients abreast of new technologies and techniques used by hackers.

Key components of our programs

Our custom cyber security training and behavioural change programs focus on several critical areas:

  • Threat awareness: Educating employees about the latest threats, including phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks, as well as materials on emerging threats.
  • Data protection: Ensuring that your team understands the importance of data privacy and the measures needed to protect sensitive information. Data protection initiatives vary via industry, department, and the type of data help. We tailor our products and services taking all this into account.
  • Incident response: Equipping employees with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to security incidents, minimising potential damage and cutting down the time cyber breaches go undetected.
  • Continuous updates: The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, and so are our training programs. We stay ahead of the curve by continuously updating our content and methodologies to address new and emerging threats. Our in-house team of developers and behavioural experts keep their ears to the digital ground and their fingers on the pulse to stay informed for our clients. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that your organisation remains resilient in the face of ever-changing cyber risks.

Conclusion: Building a secure future together

By partnering with TSC, you gain more than just a training provider; you gain a dedicated ally in the fight against cyber threats.

Our custom programs, proven results, and ongoing support ensure that your organisation and your employees are well-equipped to stay safe against cyber threats and risks. Investing in behavioural change and comprehensive cyber security training is essential for transforming your security posture.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help safeguard your digital assets. Book a call with us now.

Written by
Nas Ali
Cyber security and awareness content creator focused on emerging threats and the next wave of cyber security risks like AI, deepfakes and tech 4.0 initiatives in order to build towards a more secure organisational culture.
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