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Reach PLC are the largest commercial news publisher in the UK and Ireland. With over 130 print and online brands under their umbrella, Reach PLC attracts 42 million unique monthly web visitors and over 11 million registered users.
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The challenge

TSC's aim with Reach PLC was to enhance employee understanding of relevant cyber security risks in a fast-moving diverse organisation.

Our starting point was to gather as much information as possible about the organisation, its differing audiences, and the effectiveness of the existing communications channels.

The solution

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Identify the various internal learning styles

To appeal to as many learning styles as possible we created a blend of communications collateral. These included:
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Animated infographics

Perfect for those who learn through video style content.
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Micro eLearning

Increase information retention by reducing cognitive overload.
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Gamification has been shown to increase engagement and retention by appealing to peoples competitive drive. All our games include various engagement drivers such as: point scoring, peer competition, teamwork, and score tables.
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Accounting for potential pitfalls

To minimise cognitive overload in such a busy environment, we focused on Reach’s three main cyber security risks:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Working from home

Our animated infographics, and incentivised games were all huge hits, and the Executive team were very impressed with the levels of engagement.

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Client feedback

“As most cyber security professionals will appreciate, our users are a critical part of protecting our business from a multitude of cyber security threats, and it is for this reason that we must give them access to clear, concise and targeted cyber security training and awareness material. The Security Company's ability to deliver engaging content time and time again has been invaluable in delivering this cyber security control for Reach plc, so much so that we are now in our 3 year of working with TSC. When looking for cyber security training and awareness material for your organisation, TSC is a must.”""

- Jat Chana (IT BRM & Service Assurance Manager)

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