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Your guide to: IAM (Identity and Access Management)

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Your guide to: IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Help your employees appreciate the cyber threats and risks associated with Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Your guide to IAM Cover
In Your guide to IAM we bring your employees up to speed on the cyber threats and risks associated with identity and access management and how organisations can educate and safeguard employees.

In this comprehensive eBook, we’ll review what Identity and Access Management is, why access management is an essential part of every modern organisation’s security and touch on IAM best practices.

Please feel free to circulate it internally within your organisation.

Principal topics covered:

  • What is IAM security?
  • The three pillars of IAM
  • Key identity management challenges
  • The regulatory landscape
  • Real world case-studies: IAM fines and consequences
  • IAM in the cloud
  • Securing cloud identities and data
  • ... Top tips to stay secure and much more!

We hope you will use this and our other eBooks to further educate and raise awareness within your organisation to help change actions and shape attitudes towards a more information secure environment.

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