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Halloween 2023 infographic

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Halloween 2023 infographic

As Halloween approaches, we're not just gearing up for spooky costumes and trick or treaters; we're also celebrating the season with a special treat for cyber security professionals like you.
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👻 What's Inside the Poster? 👻

  • Deepfakes Demystified: How cybercriminals use deepfakes to deceive, defraud, and disrupt.
  • The Tell-Tale Signs: The subtle cues that can help you spot a deepfake, ensuring you're never caught off guard.
  • Staying Safe: Explore strategies to avoid falling victim to a deepfake trap

Use this free download as a digital or physical reminder for your employees to stay safe this Halloween season and continue raising awareness about the ‘real’ horrors that exist out there!

If you would like any customisation of this infographic, please do get in touch.

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