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Halloween 2022 infographic

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Halloween 2022 infographic

Halloween is right around the corner, so we thought it would be the perfect time to create a free infographic showing the scariest attack vectors of the year.
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We know it can be tricky to get employees to take part in cybersecurity training, so it's important you make training and awareness relevant and contextual to them. Creating learning material that is contextual will help drive engagement and learning retention. 

And as it's nearly Halloween, chances are your employees will be thinking about it, making it an opportune time to engage them in the topic of cybersecurity. 

In this free downloadable infographic, we cover: 

  • what ransomware is
  • recent high profile attacks
  • three ransomware top tips

Please use this topical themed infographic freely in your organisation to continue raising awareness about the ‘real’ horrors that exist out there!

If you would like any customisation of this infographic, please do get in touch.

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