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Password security is more important than ever

Every action online requires the use of a password. Whether you are logging into your work email, sensitive financial accounts, social media profiles or various other online portals, password security needs to be a vital pillar in your cyber security awareness campaign.

TSC has helped build strong password security culture across a variety of industries for more than 20 years. We achieve this through a library of engaging and differing resources that ensure every employee – no matter the organisational level or learning capability – can learn in the way that is best for them. Have a look at some of our available resources on passwords below.

Password page e Learning

Password security: customisable

Our customisable Password eLearning is a quick 10-minute course, supplemented with 5 assessment questions and full feedback for informed individual learning and development.

Do not settle for boring tick-the-box eLearning courses that your employees will click through as fast as possible. The Security Company’s customisable password offering is head and shoulders above the rest!

With our customisable Password eLearning, your employees will:

  • Learn best practice for creating strong passwords
  • Understand and be able to explain the importance of using strong passwords
  • As well as learning how to manage and secure your passwords

This version of our Password eLearning also includes our “Password Challenge” game, which encourages lean-forward learning and development, whilst keeping your employees involved and motivated.

Available as a 5-minute non customisable option with the following learning outcomes: we can add your logo and provide SCORM files for your LMS.

Password page password panther game still

Password Panther game

Game details

  • A timed challenge for players to correctly identify powerful passwords based on their length and strength
  • Points are tracked and a leader board is available, which can help encourage a competitive security culture amongst employees
  • This game can also be customised with your logo and minor amends before being provided as a SCORM compliant file for your LMS
Password page password challenge

Password challenge game

Game details

  • In this challenge, your employees will solidify best practice for password creation through an image-based challenge
  • Employees will be tested on their recall skills, password combination creation and how they can apply the skills they have learnt to the passwords and phrases they use at work and at home
  • The Password Challenge is also customisable with your logo and minor content amends
  • Available as a SCORM compliant file for your LMS
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Strongest password game

Game details

  • This is a fun and vibrant timed challenge in which players must correctly identify the two strongest passwords presented to them
  • Again, this game can track points and form a leader board to encourage healthy cyber security competitiveness in your organisation
  • Can also be customised with your logo and minor amends before being provided as a SCORM compliant file for use in your LMS

Password security is more important than ever

If you are interested in TSC's password security awareness training and materials, contact us to arrange a demo.

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