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We are here to help you culturally embed data protection into your organisation

Data Protection by design is a fundamental principle of the GDPR. It is enabled by your systems and processes, but do your employees understand their responsibilities for protecting data at every stage of its lifecycle?

Here is how we can help you in developing a strong data protection culture.

Do you need to introduce GDPR to your new starters? We can provide a 2-minute animated infographic covering the essentials of data protection and five questions to check their understanding.

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GDPR eLearning

Our customisable GDPR eLearning is a 15-minute course, supplemented with 10 assessment questions and full feedback for informed individual learning and development. We can add your logo and colours or apply full branding, with minor content amends and provide SCORM files for your LMS.

With our customisable GDPR eLearning, your employees will:

  • Understand the principles and rights included in GDPR and the DPA 2018
  • Understand why GDPR changes the way we manage information
  • Be able to identify personal and special category information
  • Be able to act securely when handling information
  • Know how and why to report a breach or the potential for a breach

GDPR refresher eLearning module

Additionally, we know how vital time management can be for an organisation. As a result, we have developed a GDPR refresher eLearning module, which asks users to answer questions up front. If the user answers the questions correctly, they will have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding and will not be required to complete the rest of the eLearning module, thus saving you, your employees and your organisation valuable time.

Benefits of GDPR refresher eLearning module

  • Front loaded questions to save employees already up to speed time 
  • Shorter module to reduce cognitive fatigue 

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Animated infographic plus five learner engagement test questions

To engage your employees in the topic we have a two minute animated infographic (AIG).

The AIG covers the essentials of data protection, including GDPR principles and key responsibilities in just two minutes. It also has a graphical representation of the main risk areas of phishing and system hacking. We can apply just your logo or full branding with minor content amends.

(Animated infographic: learner engagement test questions available)

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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