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Festive cyber security awareness 2022

The festive period is a season to be jolly but from the poem in our 2022 festive static infographic ‘please click carefully when you fill your trolley…’

The festive period is a fun time for fraudsters, who deploy many tactics to lure people into buying fake goods, giving away their money or even their credentials.

Our dynamic festive campaign provides a range of materials that will help your employees stay safe this Christmas.

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Help keep your employees stay safe this festive season

Treat your company to an early present and take advantage of our festive information and cyber security campaign offering.

Containing a game, an infographic, a digital advent calendar and short video, our 2022 festive campaign doesn’t just enable your employees to protect themselves and the company against the common tricks and scams, but also reinforces the use of good cyber safe practices throughout the year.

Game play with a serious message

Dangerous differences

This game is all about spotting small differences that mean something is fake. This can be anything from a fake delivery message, a link that takes someone to a spoofed website or a fake celebrity endorsement scam.

This short but addictive game uses gamification elements against the clock with the aim of increasing your employees’ ability to spot these small differences.

  • Players are presented with five different challenges. Some are to spot the genuine message or URL verses the fake, others are about spotting all the alerts in an advertisement
  • These five challenges need to be successfully completed in order to proceed to the game play
  • The fun element is against the clock, and it is a spot the difference game, with a combination of festive and cyber illustrations
  • Encourage participation and increase engagement by incorporating a prize draw based on game completion (optional)
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Short video - GIF

The adventures of Parsnip the penguin

The adventures of Parsnip the penguin continue this year. He features in a short video where his three top tips cast a beacon of light over Santas nightmares of stolen payment details and ransomware attacks.

  • In the story, we follow Parsnip and his family as they advise about phishing, passwords and personal information
  • We also have available the back catalogue of Parsnip’s adventures as comic strips. These will help employees see his full set of advice and how life has evolved for him and his family

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Digital advent calendar

Daily security tips

Make cyber security easy to understand with this digital advent calendar. Users simply open a door a day to learn a fact and top tip about how to stay cyber safe.

  • Employees open a new door each day to reveal a cyber fact or statistic about one of the 12 cyber scams, along with an associated top tip to stay safe
  • The days can be spread across working days only or every day of the week
  • Encourage participation and increase engagement by incorporating a free prize draw for employees (optional)
Festive 2023 SIG snip

Daily security tips

12 scams of Christmas static infographic

This infographic poem quickly and dynamically raises your employees awareness of some of the most prevalent scams around during the festive season.

  • Scams highlighted range from energy support scams to bogus charity collections and festive apps
  • This infographic is in the style of banners, which can be individually presented

Frequently asked questions

Are the campaign elements available as individual items?

Yes, this campaign can be bought as a complete pack, or you can select the individual elements you want.

Are these items customisable?

Absolutely! TSC products are fully customisable. If you want to find out more about our customisation options, get in touch via the contact us page.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, if you would like a demo of this or any of our other products & services, just get in touch via the contact us page and one of the TSC team will be in touch.

Is this mobile responsive?

The following elements are mobile responsive: 

  • Digital Advent Calendar 
  • The adventures of Parsnip the penguin
  • 12 scams of Christmas static infographic

Why choose TSC

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Essential and engaging

Providing staff with an essential and engaging overview of the main aspects of cyber security will ensure they have an awareness and understanding of the key threats they face.
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Bite-sized training to reduce cognitive fatigue

We appreciate that long and laborious training will lose users and information simply will not be retained. As a result, our training is bite-sized, relevant, customisable and suitable for all employees. As an added bonus, our products are also fully customisable and can be catered to your specifications.
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Scenario-based activities

People learn by doing, and having the opportunity to practise new skills with our scenario-based activities, knowledge checks, assessments and signposting to your policies will all support a positive change in their behaviour.

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