How to fend off
fraudsters in 2023

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Festive cyber security awareness 2023

During the festive period fraudsters are having fun at our expense. 

They can deploy many tactics to lure people into buying fake goods, giving away their money or even their credentials.

Our engaging and interactive festive offerings provide activities that will help your employees stay safe over the festive period.

Is this training and awareness campaign right for me?

This campaign is perfect for organisations who want to: 

  • Engage and educate employees on common cyber threats 
  • Reinforce good cyber security behaviours 
  • Strengthen organisational resilience 
  • Leverage the festive season to engage employees 
  • Increase team building and morale
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Keep your employees safe and your organisation secure

We have a range of new resources for you to choose from including a game, an infographic, a digital advent calendar and short video. These dynamic activities cover common tricks and scams, but also reinforce the use of good cyber safe practices throughout the year.

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What's in our festive library?

  • Advent calendar: Daily dive into festive fraud encourages learners to come back every day.
  • Snowball Strike! game: Amidst a snowball fight, players will be tasked with spotting festive fakes.
  • Parsnip GIF/MP4: Learn how to defend yourself against the threat of postal delivery scams.
  • Are-you-a-noel-it-all? quiz: Individuals or teams can test their knowledge about the types of scams that are prevalent over the festive period.
  • 12 festive fraudsters infographic: 12 common scams during the festive period.
  • Dangerous Differences game: Players test their skills in spotting fakery, suspicious websites and phishy emails.
  • Whack-an-elf game: Players must spot festive fraud, stop the cunning elves and save the festive season.

Frequently asked questions

Are our products available as individual items?

Yes, this campaign can be bought as a complete pack, or you can select the individual elements you want.

Are these items customisable?

Absolutely! TSC products are fully customisable. If you want to find out more about our customisation options, get in touch via the contact us page.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, if you would like a demo of this or any of our other products & services, just get in touch via the contact us page and one of the TSC team will be in touch.

Do you offer products in other languages?

Yes. We customise products and materials in over 22 languages, get in touch via the contact us page to get more information on specifics. 

Why choose TSC

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Essential and engaging

Providing staff with an essential and engaging overview of the main aspects of cyber security will ensure they have an awareness and understanding of the key threats they face.
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Bite-sized training to reduce cognitive fatigue

We appreciate that long and laborious training will lose users and information simply will not be retained. As a result, our training is bite-sized, relevant, customisable and suitable for all employees. As an added bonus, our products are also fully customisable and can be catered to your specifications.
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Scenario-based activities

People learn by doing, and having the opportunity to practise new skills with our scenario-based activities, knowledge checks, assessments and signposting to your policies will all support a positive change in their behaviour.

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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