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Ellie Brown

Business Development Executive

"Having spent most of my career so far in the financial sector, I have continually been made aware of security threats. I am equally aware of how unsure staff can be about whose responsibility security is."

My Role at TSC

My role at TSC is diverse. My main role as a Business Development Executive is assisting sales to elevate products in eLearning builds and other product deliveries. I have helped develop our essentials line of eLearning modules using multiple languages and voiceovers, as well as streamlining our product production process. 

Why I love working at TSC

The culture. TSC is a massive change from my corporate banking background, which was a lot of take and barely any give. TSC are always looking after the health of their employees as well as operating in an open and honest environment where you can ask questions and get advice/help without hesitation. 

What I want to change in cybersecurity awareness

Phishing is still a massive worry. I am a massive advocate for the NCSC's phishing reporting tool (https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/sectio...)

More needs to be done to educate people on phishing reporting. People are being targeted personally and professionally and without proper reporting, we won't necessarily know the scale of the issue – which is bigger than I imagine it is. At the moment, people don’t see the reporting of phishing attempts as a priority, as a result they just ignore it, which only exacerbates the issue.

My security tip:

People need to manage their online footprint and be aware of the trail they leave on line. For example, people need to regularly delete their internet history as they’re not aware of cookies and trackers being placed. In short ... manage your online footprint. 

Get to know me (my favourite book, show and film)

Book: Thirteen: The Serial Killer Isn't on Trial. He's on the Jury by Stephen Mearns (2018)

TV show: Citizen Smith (1977)

Film: Deadpool (2016)

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

I like spending time with my kids, every second I have with them is precious.

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