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SABR is a security behaviour diagnostic tool that has supported organisations for over 20 years.
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Cyber Maturity Assessment with SABR

A cyber maturity assessment is vital for understanding your organisation's cybersecurity posture. The Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) tool, provided by TSC, thoroughly evaluates your workforce's cybersecurity knowledge and awareness across five critical dimensions. This assessment gives a transparent overview of your cyber security stance, identifying areas of strength and weakness.

The SABR tool's capabilities include:

Awareness Evaluation: It assesses employee awareness and knowledge comprehensively across five dimensions of cyber security.

Behavioural Insights: SABR goes beyond surface-level understanding to examine specific employee behaviours within these dimensions.

In-depth Reporting: You receive detailed reports that reveal the current state of your organisation's cyber security maturity, pinpointing areas needing attention.

Baseline Determination: The SABR tool establishes baseline levels of cyber awareness, providing a foundation for planning effective enhancement strategies.

Tailored Training Development: Using SABR's insights, you can craft targeted training programmes, addressing identified weaknesses and reinforcing strengths.

Strategic Development Support: The data from SABR allows you to develop long-term strategies to nurture and improve a robust cybersecurity culture in your organisation.

For over 20 years, organisations have trusted TSC's SABR tool to measure their initial cybersecurity awareness and develop strategies for increasing security maturity. Our extensive experience with the tool equips us with a deep understanding of varying organisational needs.

SABR effectively identifies undesirable security behaviours and the root causes behind them. By targeting these areas, TSC's SABR tool helps to shape a more effective and streamlined security culture, making it an indispensable part of your cybersecurity strategy.

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Sectors Benefiting from SABR's Cyber Maturity Assessment

Our Security Awareness and Behaviour Research (SABR) diagnostic tool is effective across multiple sectors, showcasing its versatility in assessing cyber security maturity.

  • Finance
  • Public Service
  • Utilities
  • Space
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Postal Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer Software
  • Retail
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
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Understanding Your Security Maturity with SABR

Our SABR tool offers a detailed quantitative analysis of your organisation's cyber security maturity. It uses 80 targeted questions to evaluate areas across five dimensions:

  1. Security Engagement: Measures how actively your employees participate in and commit to cybersecurity practices.

  2. Authentication: Assesses the strength and effectiveness of your organisation's password management and access control systems.

  3. Data Privacy and Information Handling: SABR evaluates how well your team manages and protects sensitive and personal data.

  4. Physical Security: Looks at the tangible security measures in place to protect data and systems.

  5. Organisational Culture: Surveys the overall attitude and approach of your staff towards cybersecurity, impacting how effectively they follow policies and procedures.

SABR's detailed analysis provides a clear picture of your organisation's cyber security standing, helping you identify specific areas for improvement and development.

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Enhance Your Cyber Security Strategy

A completed SABR assessment delivers detailed insights into your cyber security culture, offering tailored recommendations to enhance your security awareness strategy. This vital information forms the backbone of impactful, efficient behaviour training and awareness campaigns, elevating your employees' understanding and response to cyber threats.

SABR's versatility allows it to be a central component of large cyber security programmes or function effectively as a standalone tool. Its adaptability ensures it aligns with your specific organisational needs, significantly boosting the efficacy and relevance of your cyber security initiatives.

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Partner with TSC for Your Cyber Maturity Assessment

With over two decades of expertise collaborating with leading global organisations, TSC is the clear choice for your cyber maturity assessment needs.

At TSC, we commit to excellence by providing impactful assessments and resources that significantly improve your workforce's capabilities. By recognising the distinct needs of each organisation, we ensure that each programme we offer is custom-tailored and adaptable, aligning seamlessly with your specific organisational requirements.

Everything You Need to Know

How Long Does a SABR Assessment Take to Complete?

The length of a SABR assessment depends on your organisation's size and complexity. We ensure it's quick and straightforward, minimising impact on your employees' day-to-day work.

Can SABR Be Customised for Specific Industry Needs?

Yes, SABR is adaptable and can be customised to meet the specific needs of various industries, accommodating unique sector challenges and cybersecurity threats.

What Kind of Support Does TSC Offer Post-Assessment?

TSC can offer comprehensive support, including guidance on interpreting results, developing improvement strategies, and implementing targeted training programmes to address gaps in knowledge. We can also provide tailored awareness training subscriptions for continuous support.

Is the SABR Tool Suitable for Both Small and Large Organisations?

Absolutely. The SABR tool is versatile and scalable, ideal for organisations of all sizes. It delivers valuable insights irrespective of workforce size or security challenges.

See how we can help you protect your organisation today?

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