Free resources for UK Cyber Week attendees.

UK Cyber Week

Below you will find information on our range of free downloadable eBooks, plus information on how you can win one of our cybersecurity training and awareness games that can be distributed out to your organisation and its employees. 

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Only available to attendees of UK Cyber Week

Win one of our cybersecurity training and awareness games

Do you want to be in with a chance to win our festive cybersecurity game "Whack an Elf"?

All you have to do is pop over to our stand at UK Cyber week (B30), play our game Whack an Elf and score within the top 3 of players.

It's that simple...

How does Whack an Elf work? 

  • Players must answer five cybersecurity questions correctly to proceed to the game
  • The objective is to score maximum points in 30 seconds by ‘whacking’ the pesky cyber elves
  • Players receive one point for hitting an elf, but lose a point for hitting our cybersecurity champions, Parsnip, Peppar or Pea

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