Cyber Security Month 2022

Providing the best resources to raise awareness and promote secure behaviours

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Give cyber risks the attention they deserve by delivering focused messaging

To coincide with Cyber Security Month this October, we have produced our most comprehensive programme of engaging and practical materials yet. Integrate it with your cyber security awareness strategy to ensure you take full advantage of Cyber Security Month 2022. 

Help your employees gain more consistent control over their security behaviours — both at work and home (which may be the same place). 

Don’t forget — these materials are for life, not just Cyber Security Month. You can use each element as required throughout the year to maximise further return on your Cyber Security Month investment.

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Our Cyber Security Month programme enables employees to be more:

  • Cyber security aware

  • Alert to the risks and dangers of a cyber attack

  • Skilled in being cyber safe

Why use this programme

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Drive engagement through the lure of something different

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Deliver key messages that are retained

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Stand out from the noise of everyday life and information that can be overwhelming

Week 1 V2

Week 1: Data loss prevention

  • Introductory email or article
    Introduce the concept of a data lifecycle, strategies for preventing data loss and the ramifications of improper data handling. This introduction also directs people to the additional resources available.
  • ‘Handling data responsibly’ GIF
    30 second animated GIF featuring top tips on how to handle data responsibly. Perfect for sharing in emails or hosting in multiple locations.
  • Data loss prevention game
    This time challenge game (complete it as quickly as possible) encourages players to correctly identify the behaviours that will prevent data loss.
Week 2 V2

Week 2: Responsible use of the cloud

  • Introductory email or article
    Introduce the concept of the cloud and how small changes in behaviour can make a big difference to how fortified your cloud security is.
  • How to use the cloud responsibly’ GIF
    Short animation that features three messages about how to stay safe on cloud networks and how to use the utility responsibly.
  • Cloud control game
    This arcade style game will require players to navigate cyber threats in the cloud and reinforce responsible behaviours with a built in knowledge check.
Week 3 V2

Week 3: Authentication hacks

  • Introductory email or article
    Introduces the scale of authentication hacks, the recent rise in these attacks and a case study to contextualise the cyber threat.
  • ‘Authentication hacks primer’ GIF
    Short animation demonstrating how authentication hacks work and how to avoid being a victim of this type of attack.
  • Authentication hack game
    In this game players are up against an attacker. The player chooses the scenario they want to play i.e., the type of account and the attack method used, with the aim of the game to be cyber savvy and have all the protections in place to stop an attack.
Week 4 V2

Week 4: Account Hijacking

  • Introductory email or article
    Introduces account hacking as an attack method and its renewed prevalence. This introduction contains two real case studies in both a business environment and identity theft scenario.
  • ‘How does account hijacking work?’ GIF
    Short animation demystifies and demonstrates how account hijacking works in a business context.
  • Account hijacking game:
    Loosely based on snakes and ladders, this game helps employees retain vital cybersecurity information by injecting some good old fashioned competitive gaming into the learning process.

How to use your Cyber Security Month 2022 programme

The materials can be used as:

  • A standalone campaign
  • Part of your existing information security awareness programme
  • A launch platform for your new cyber security programme


Whether you purchase the complete bundle or individual elements, we will apply a call to action (CTA) and logo where appropriate.

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